Medicinal products

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11170"Da Trans" Ltd. is licensed for the collection, removal, shipment and disposal of medicinal products, medicinal devices and food supplements of any kind and composition. The company is narrowly specialized in this activity, and for certain kinds of waste it offers its clients the service of preliminary treatment aimed at reducing the volume of the hazardous waste and extracting any possible recyclable components, as is the obligation of any legal entity or natural person under Art.4 of the Waste Management Act.

This waste may be of the following kinds:

  • Outdated medicinal products.
  • Medicines, not compliant with the quality and safety requirements.
  • Medicinal products, not compliant with the requirements and provisions of the Medicinal Products for Human Use Act.
  • Medicinal products with modified general appearance, composition or properties, due to incorrect storage.
  • Unsold batches from manufacturers and wholesalers of medicinal products with an expired authorization from the Executive Drug Agency.
  • Outdated food supplements and medicinal devices.
  • Production waste from factories manufacturing medicines, etc.


Our company is a leader on the Bulgarian market for providing the service of “Transporting, storing temporarily and disposing of outdated or scrapped medicine”.

Our unique service allows us to offer our clients a procedure for the disposal of medicinal products, which is radically simplified as compared with the requirements of Ordinance № 28 of 14.12.2000 on the conditions and procedures for disposal and processing of medicines, and their and utilization for other purposes.

„Da Trans“ Ltd. has been working successfully with some of the biggest incinerators in the country and abroad, which gives us the opportunity to offer competitive prices for the incineration of some kinds of medicinal products and food supplements.