Hazardous waste

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0aa9c9bHazardous waste is waste the content, qualities and quantity of which create a risk for the environment and the human health, have one or more qualities that define them as hazardous; have components that make them into hazardous waste or have been declared such by the Basel convention for control of movement between borders and disposal of hazardous waste.

Waste is classified as hazardous in cases where they fall under one or more conditions stated in article 6 of REGULATION №2 from 23.07.2014 about the classification of the Ministry of the Environment and Water and the Ministry of Health.

The owners of hazardous waste are obliged to submit that for collection, transportation, utilization or disposal to people who have the right to perform the related activities and who hold the permits needed or who utilize and/or dispose it themselves in accordance with Bulgarian and European law.

The codes for the hazardous waste "Da Trans" Ltd. currently works with are listed in the company's permit. For waste with a code not stated in the permit we perform preliminary analysis and we are able to add the code within a defined by law 14 day period.

In the field of hazardous waste we offer our clients a complex service that includes putting the waste in appropriate specialized packaging, loading and unloading, transportation, temporary storage and subsequent utilization or disposal as well as full preparation of the necessary documentation related to the listed processes for hazardous waste treatment.