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The experts of “Da Trans” Ltd. have all the necessary academic and professional qualifications and venerable experience to offer you an adequate and environmentally friendly solutions to problems connected with the waste generated by you.

Our team of professionals have gained experience in the field of ecology and the management of hazardous and production waste, and are ready to advise you in any endeavor connected with the solution to specific cases.

Some types of waste, due to their nature and the legal provisions in a member-state of the European Union, call for special attention and approach.

Very often, owners of hazardous waste are not thoroughly acquainted with the applicable laws and regulations, and involuntarily make mistakes in the packaging, storing and overall management of their waste.

The team of “Da Trans” Ltd. offers expert consultancy services, assisting in resolving problems connected with the compliance with the effective environmental laws. Each activity involved in waste management is accompanied by preparing the required documentation, which includes:

  • Preparing worksheets for classification of waste;
  • Preparing and certifying the accounting books;
  • Compiling and filing annual reports;
  • Keeping the accounting books on the activities on waste management, and many others.

For preliminary information about issues raised by clients, please use the form provided in the “Contacts” page, or contact us at the provided telephone numbers.